Phoenix Business – Opportunities are everywhere!

A few weeks ago, we saw on the news how many businesses were getting very creative in this day and age, especially in Phoenix. Phoenix is a unique market because of the seasonality… business is slow during the summer, and booming in the winter. How do business owners cope with the lack of business during the extreme heat? They get creative and flex their entrepreneurial muscles with ideas that not many other would think of. As an example, we found a business that rents inflatable bounce houses during the winter, but during the summer no one wants to celebrate their birthdays outside in the blistering heat with a bounce house, so this company bought an A/C repair business so they can keep making money during the summer. What other types of businesses can you start that will do well during the summer? Lets take a closer look into how business owners are surviving the heat when their businesses are slow.

We recently spoke to a man that owns several businesses here in Phoenix that are extremely slow during the summer so we asked him what he does to survive. The answer was quite interesting.

“I hire someone who knows the skills needed to do the jobs when it’s slow, than I forward my business phone number to him. He gives me a percentage of every deal he closes. And for me? I head out to California, inland a little bit from the beach where housing is more affordable, and I run the same business out there. I own a towing company and a lot of people head out of town for the summer in Phoenix so business is always slow. In California the weather is still really nice during the summer so I can tow trucks all day long and keep a steady income stream coming in. I head back to Phoenix when the weather starts getting cooler, than I forward my phone in California to another tow truck driver who takes the calls and gives me a percentage of the deals. It doesn’t matter whether I’m in Phoenix¬†or California, I’ve set myself up for success and am always getting calls for my services in each state. If I’m not around, someone else takes the calls. It works out pretty well.” -Poly, owner of a Phoenix towing service.

We thought this was an incredibly creative way to keep business flowing no matter what time of year it is. We’ve heard of business owners owning multiple businesses so that when the seasons change they keep making money, but we’ve never heard of someone floating back and forth between two different states. It’s creative ideas like this that separate the successful business owners from the broke business owners. Times can get tough, especially during the summer when the harsh conditions inspire people to get out of town for weeks and even months at a time.

The Beauty of Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. With the breath taking views of the surrounding mountains, the desert landscapes, and tons of beautiful buildings in the city, this is truly an awesome place to live or visit. The golf courses are also some of the best in the country and with the well manicured baseball, football, and soccer fields, it’s truly paradise for sports fans of all sports as well. The Phoenix Art Museum is one of the top in the country boasting paintings from world renowned artists from all over the world including an original from Picasso and also Leonardo Da Vinci. Did we mention Phoenix has more beauty than most people can handle?

phoenix arizona - beautifulWhen it comes to hiking and the outdoors in general, Phoenix has more awesome places to go to than any other city in Arizona. The McDowell Mountains host a ton of different hiking trails that would take anyone that didn’t hike every single day over a year to complete. The Camelback mountains feature two amazing hiking trails going up both sides and also are home to numerous trails that will also take a lot of time to completely cover. Just a few hours up north are the Flagstaff, Sedona, and Prescott hiking trails which are covered in trails over a range of 100 miles. Whether you’re in the city or want to take a quick trip up north, Phoenix is a destination that any hiker than enjoys nature can truly enjoy.

Let’s talk about the Phoenix art life for a minute. There’s a spectacular event that takes place once every month called the Phoenix Art Walk. This walk attracts artists from all over the state and even the country. They feature everything from live art acts with people doing magic and a boat load of other stuff to some of the most beautiful canvas art you will ever set your eyes on. The Phoenix Convention Center also hosts a variety of different art events which gives you more of a taste of a wide range of national art talents. If you love art, Phoenix is a booming place to be.

The natural landscape of Phoenix is also something to mention. While our neighbors to the north in New Mexico also have a beautiful desert landscape, nothing quite compares to the Phoenix desert. With the beautiful saguaro cactus, the organ cactus, and the prickly pear cactus, there is no shortage of beautiful indigenous cactus that you won’t find anywhere else. Phoenix also was rated as one of the top places in the country to view a sunset. Since the desert is relatively flat in the Phoenix area, you get more than most people bargain for when it comes to the sun setting in the twilight hours.

We hope that we’ve painted somewhat of a picture of what you’ll find when it comes to beauty in the Phoenix desert. We’ve seen everything that we’ve mentioned in this post and we know that we haven’t even touched upon some of the treasures that the Phoenix desert has to offer. We are truly grateful for living in such a beautiful place and can’t wait to keep exploring and finding new things.