About the Phoenix Crew

Casey Masters

Casey is a self proclaimed Arizona local. Although Casey grew up in Florida, he has been living in Phoenix for the past 15 years of his adult life. Casey is a sports nut that loves to do goofy stuff and have fun with his friends on the weekend. Although Casey doesn’t take life too seriously, he does have a nine to five job that he would love to get rid of after getting enough readers on this blog!

Shawna Riverfield

Shawna owns a small travel booking agency which gives her the opportunity to work from home while looking after her 3 year old daughter. Shawna has traveled all over the world and enjoys sharing her travel knowledge with others that love to travel as well. Shawna enjoys writing about cool places she travels and has experienced tons of different places that are fun to travel in Arizona.

Roland Johnson

Roland is an aspiring entrepreneur that has started 5 successful businesses over the past 10 years. From construction to owning a restaurant, Roland has extensive business knowledge and a good understanding of the Phoenix market. Roland wants to create a huge online presence over the upcoming years and share his business knowledge with aspiring entrepreneurs.